User Event in MFC

   There are instances when some application errors occur in our program, it will be best to raise a generic message. This might send an e-mail message or give a beep sound or any kind of notifications. This is where user event comes into picture.

     These kind of scenarios occur in most of the mission critical applications. One need not keep looking at a log file for errors being written to it continuously. User defined custom events (user event) will be the best answer for this kind of scenarios in MFC.

     Follow these steps to raise such messages thru user event.

  1. Write this declaration at the global level.
  2. Declare a handler function for the message as “afx_msg void onCODERSOURCEMSG();”
  3. Write a handler function for the message
    MessageBox(“Write your e-mail or beep code here”);
  4. Add the following line in the Message Map
  5. Whenever you need to raise this user event call “PostMessage(CODERSOURCEMSG);