GPS Tracking System in Silverlight

Recently I was involved in a project to build a GPS Asset tracking system which involved a boutique of solutions and modules to be integrated. I am planning to give a series of articles which will help people who want to build a GPS Tracking system.

Use Cases of a GPS Tracking System are manifold. This can track almost any asset starting from a person (personal tracking), a lorry, bus, car which are generically known as vehicle tracking etc., Such tracking can simply result in securing the asset for people to check its location online and also optimizing the fleet usage by avoiding unwanted trips and inefficient use them.

This sample system that we will build will use the following technologies.

  • ASP .Net
  • Silverlight
  • C#
  • Sql Server 2008
  • IIS 7
  • WCF
  • SSRS (Sql Server Reporting Services)

System overview:

The system which we are talking about will have the following setup.

GPS System overview

The GPS Enabled tracking devices will be capable of sending data to our Network Server which is capable of listening to incoming TCP connections and receive data. Once the data is received, the data can be processed and displayed on a map. As and when there is some movement on the vehicle, we should be able to continuously show the movement of the vehicle.


The following will be the base modules for the system. We can decide about adding or removing any other modules later.

  • Network Server
  • Web page (which hosts the map)
  • Live update of the vehicle’s movement
  • Vehicle movement emulator
  • Vehicle movement history

The next article will add a Web page (which hosts the map) and shows a live movement. This will give us a good idea to start with..


The Vazhikaatti GPS based Vehicle Tracking System is one such a solution based on sivlerlight. This is one of the premier vehicle tracking providers based in India in the Tamil Nadu state. This system offers Live GPS Vehicle Tracking along with a lot of reports and alerts through SMS and Email. Service is also available for Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra, Pondicherry, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and other states through distributors.