Microsoft Surface-The Future that you can touch now by Anton

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Imagine, with one hand you can peek a color and with the other hand you can draw or even use every finger with it’s own color scheme. You may control different applications at the same time on the same computer or a website. It’s not the Hollywood movie. Microsoft Surface innovative computer and programming environment.

Computer ViewMicrosoft Surface is a revolutionary multi-touch computer that responds to natural hand gestures and real-world objects, helping people interact with digital content in a simple and intuitive way. With a large, horizontal user interface, Surface offers a unique gathering place where multiple users can collaboratively and simultaneously interact with data and each other.

This revolutionary device can provide users a new way to interact with each other and the digital world. Microsoft Surface uses cameras and image recognition in the infrared spectrum to recognize different types of objects such as fingers, tagged items and shapes. This input is then processed by the computer and the resulting interaction is displayed using rear projection. The user can manipulate content and interact with the computer using natural touch and hand gestures, instead of a typical mouse and keyboard. You can put a physical objects on the screen to trigger different types of digital responses.

CommunicationAlso, this invention is a new step in business promotion. It’s an attractive promotion and presentation of new services and products. Customers can in interactively and friendly manner see how good products are. And let’s not forget about a gaming industry. It’ will be a breach. Real time strategies were you can control multiple objects at the same time with your hands. Hope there will be no Fighting games because the screen should be very durable in that case.

Hardware looks very good but it will be useless without the software. Microsoft provides the technology with the same name that will help developers to create a full functional applications for this computer. The Microsoft Surface SDK 1.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Workstation Edition enables you to create and test Microsoft Surface touch-enabled applications on a workstation instead of on a Microsoft Surface unit. SDK includes includes a simulator (called Surface Simulator) that replicates the Microsoft Surface user interface on a workstation. Surface Simulator, along with the Microsoft Visual Studio project templates that are included in the Microsoft Surface SDK, enables you to create and test Microsoft Surface touch-enabled applications on a workstation instead of on a Microsoft Surface unit. You must have a Windows Vista OS to test this SDK. Remember that.

I may think that it’s out-dated idea and no one is promotes it now. You are not quite right. Microsoft promoting Windows Touch technology which is very familiar to Surface. To develop you will need Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta (published 4/12/2010) on Windows 7 OS with Visual Studio 2010. The Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta is a set of controls, APIs, templates, sample applications and documentation currently available for Surface developers. With the .NET Framework 4.0, Windows Presentation Framework 4.0 (WPF), and this toolkit, Windows Touch developers can quickly and consistently create advanced multitouch applications for Windows Touch PCs. This toolkit also provides a jump-start for Surface application developers to prepare for the next version of Microsoft Surface. Use it to take advantage of the innovative Surface technology and user interface to develop your own rich and intuitive multitouch experiences for a variety of Windows Touch devices.

And there is more! You have a multi-touch of just touch-screen with Windows 7 on your computer or notebook? Well you can test application based on multi-touch technology right now.

Install Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7. The Touch Pack includes six games and programs that highlight the capabilities of Windows Touch.

With all this stuff you can start to develop futuristic software that will transform digital communication into new form.

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