Silverlight Spy Overview by Anton

We know how to obfuscate our Silverlight code, but still it’s hard to debug it in browser directly. Silverlight Spy will help us in this.

Silverlight Spy provides detailed runtime inspection of any Silverlight application. Use the built-in browser to navigate to a web page. Silverlight Spy automatically detects the applications embedded in the page and provides various inspection view panes. Explore the XAP package, Isolated Storage, monitor performance, browse the UI visual and logical tree, examine objects, execute code in the DLR shell and more.

Here is Main Window View:

Main window

Silverlight Spy comes with various so-called application views that provide access to different parts of a Silverlight application. The following views are available:

  • Application Settings
  • XAP Package
  • UI Automation Styles
  • User Interface Explorer
  • Object Browser
  • DLR Shell

All of them can bee seen at the right bottom of the screen:

Main Page of the app

It will help to track the performance of your application. It has different tabs for Memory, Process, Processor, Frame Rate and Isolated Storage. Also you can view the content of Isolated Storage. Also export or delete files available in both Application and Site isolated storage.

Performance Monitor

The monitor provides multiple real-time performance metrics.

Event Monitor is another important tool built inside the Silverlight Spy , basically Event monitor monitors and reports every event which is getting fired ranging from Mouse Enter to GotFocus and all other events , its very helpful when you want to know why your specific event is not firing or what is causing your event to not fire , its really helpful in those situations.

Another good things is that you can customize which events you want to fire leaving other unnoticed because many times you would not like to fire the mouseEnter event every time because its really irritating.

Event Monitor Image

It also comes with a Cross-Domain access Policy Validator.

Cross Domain Policy Validator

Silverlight Spy is a ClickOnce WPF application