FlyComet Client Publisher

After the first experiment with a JMS bridge to directly connect from our FlyComet to ActiveMQ, we realized that it is not a reliable model.

There are many times where you don’t have the state of activemq connections properly available. At times the connections get dropped and it is difficult to ascertain if we are connected to a broker. So we have no way of knowing if the messages are being delivered properly or not.

So we decided to have a publisher as well for pushing the data to the server. This publisher can get data from variety of sources including JMS server like activemq. All it does is to get the messages and keeps pushing to the Comet Server’s IIS IHttpAsycHandler .

Flycomet Message Aggregator:

FlyComet now implements a message aggregation mechanism by receiving all updates from the client publisher. When a request is received, it checks if there is a subscriber who has subscribed. If yes, it adds the messages to the list of deliverable messages to the client request id. When a request arrives from the client for the same, the messages are delivered.

A sample of the same can be found at the downloads or source code section of